Lexington Law Credit Repair

Lexington Law is headquartered out of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is without doubt one of the largest and most reputable credit repair companies on the Internet. They have been in business for over 20 years and have helped over 500,000 clients repair their credit. They work with clients to enhance their credit score stories legally and affordably

Lexington Law credit repair is the trusted leader in credit report repair for a reason: they make the process easy and effective for his or her clients. They have over 20 lawyers and over 400 paralegals on staff to serve their clients.

Paralegals actively work on repairing your credit at each of the three credit bureaus. Proffesional attorneys are put in charge of overseeing the repair process and are always available to handle any difficult challanges that may arise.

The company leverages their client rights to engage the credit score bureaus and help along with your credit rating. They work on your behalf to take away questionable damaging items from your credit reports. They can also help to establish credit for those with little or no credit.

Lexington begins the dispute process by drawing upon its huge arsenal of credit score report repair methods and expertise to remove questionable derogatory entries affecting the credit score . The credit score bureaus have 30 days to analyze your dispute. After that, they need to inform you of their results, and ship you a free copy of your updated report. It usually takes 60 days from the day they send a dispute to the day you obtain an up to date report. If you obtain a response from a credit score bureau you simple make a copy of the up to date report to your information then ship the original to Lexington Law. Lexington Legislation then repeats the cycle, this time hopefully with fewer questionable items on your credit score report.

The great thing about Lexington Legislation is that their service is backed by a refund policy which entitles you to some or all your money back if you are not satisfied. If you look their website and read the testimonials on their web site you will certainly see how completely happy and impressed their clients are with their service.

If you are prepared to repair your credit take a look at the top credit restoration service on-line, Lexington Law and get signed up right this moment! Give them a call, they offer free consultation and can answer any credit questions you may have. Call 1-866-944-7671.


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